A message from editor-in-chief Tomi Ajele

After one year of written stories focused on Mohkínstsis (Calgary), we’re looking to expand our reach province-wide and explore new and more accessible communication mediums, that means audio, print, and if we’re really dreaming big, video!

This is where you come in. In order for Afros In Tha City to survive another year, we need some support. By supporting Afros In Tha City, you’ll help us do two major things:

  • Pay our writers for the 2022 year 
  • Kick off projects that will allow AITC to expand into new mediums 

Support Afros In Tha City

At Afros In Tha City, we want to see the Black community thrive, and with your help, this publication can play a part in that. Our content is free, but we need your financial support. 

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